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The West African Museums Programme will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its creation in 2013.


Established in 1982 as a project of the International African Institute, London, WAMP, which became an independent non-governmental institution in 1996, is the first African-based, non-political, independent professional organization entirely devoted to private, community based, public and specialized museum development in West Africa.


Since its inception in 1982, WAMP has done outstanding work promoting museum development and supporting museum professionals in West Africa.


The cumulative effects of its thirty-year effort have had a major impact on the professional museum community in West Africa and Africa as a whole.


After more than thirty years of existence, WAMP has proved to the West African cultural institutions, with which it has been collaborating, its ability to propose innovative projects and programmes corresponding to their needs and their priorities through a participatory approach.


The celebration of the 30th anniversary will be an excellent opportunity for WAMP not only to evaluate its action, but also to reflect along with its partners on the role of African museums during these last fifty years and develop a new action plan for museum management in the coming years.


WAMP will also take this opportunity to set out to financial and institutional partners, governments and local populations the relevance of museums in the socio-economic development of countries in the sub-region, and the necessity to support its actions.


We will provide you shortly with the calendar of events that will be organized during the celebration of this anniversary, and we look forward for your support and commitment.



We are pleased to inform you that WAMP has relocated its headquarters from Niamey to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, since June 2012.

Established in 1982, 2012 was the thirtieth anniversary of WAMP’s establishment.  For this event we are planning to organize an international colloquium during 2013 with museums professionals, researchers and national and local leaders to reflect on the place of museums since the independence in 1960.


To coincide with the relocation of WAMP and the preparation of the colloquium, we are about to publish a special WAMP Bulletin. For this special issue we are looking for articles from professionals and people interested in culture.


So we invite you to submit articles in English and French about your museums activities, your research and other important activities related to the protection and promotion of cultural heritage in Africa.  Please submit your articles no longer than April 15, 2013.


Since that time, we have been working to raise funds to restart activities.

For more information about our activities, please visit our website at www.wamponline.org


We also want to take this opportunity to remind you to renew your 2013 membership dues before 30th June 2013. Membership dues may be sent to WAMP by postal money order, or Western Union or Money gram using the WAMP postal address below:

Executive Director of West African Museums Programme (WAMP)
10 BP 861 Ouagadougou 10, BURKINA FASO.


For those in Anglophone countries, please explore the possibility of sending your money using the post office as is it cheaper than either Western Union or Money Gram. Check with your local post office for details.



Membership Category

Dollars $

Franc CFA


Honorary members

100 +

50 000


Institutional Members                        Public Museums :

Specialized Museums                           Private Museums                          University Museums

Community Museums :








50 000

50 500

37 500

50 000

25 000


Associate Members


50 000


Individual Members


5 000


Please assist us by forwarding this message to anyone who might be interested in WAMP membership.


Thank you for your cooperation.

For additional information, contact Mr Souleymane BAGAYAN, Administrative and Financial Assistant at : sbagayan@gmail.com or wamp@wamponline.org



As part of its plan of activities, WAMP has set up an annual membership subscription for West African museums, cultural institutions, cultural heritage professionals and West African museums friends.  Through this decision, WAMP would like to show its financial partners the interest that West African cultural institutions have in its activities. Payment of membership fees will provide the following advantages to members:


-          Participation in WAMP conferences, seminars and training workshops

-          WAMP Publications

-          Access to a space on WAMP website for the promotion of the institution’s activities

-          Free consultation of WAMP databases and documentation centre

-          Eligibility for WAMP small grants programme

-          Technical support from WAMP for project design and implementation

-          Twinning programmes with other institutions, in Africa, Europe and the United states

Individual members:

-          Participation inWAMP conferences, seminars and training workshops

-          Free consultation of WAMP databases and documentation centre

-          Free visits to museums members of WAMP network.

The subscription campaign has started and forms are available upon request at the WAMP secretariat or on the WAMP website (www.wamponline.org)


Payments can be made by postal money order to the order of WAMP.

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