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On-Going Projects
  • Textile Project (on going)


Completed Projects
  • Small Grants Programme
    The aim of the  small grants programme is to  finance  innovative projects but also to strengthen  the capacities  of the beneficiaries to formulate good projects, to establish  priorities in their  activities  and to encourage the involvement  of local people in the  protection and promotion of cultural heritage through a participatory approach. 
    More specifically, the objectives of the programme are to :
    • Finance innovative projects and strengthen the capacity of cultural institutions.
    • Encourage local populations and cultural associations to protect and promote local heritage.
    • Promote West African educational values and cultural productions.

: 2009
; 2008; 2007; 2006; 2005; 2004

  • WAMP Training Workshop
    The training programme was mainly aimed at addressing the lack of training opportunities faced by museums and other heritage institutions and as such were designed to develop skills in select areas of museums management which will lead to better service delivery. The approach was to conduct training of trainers programmes, and in turn use graduates from these TOT sessions to design and implement training programmes on behalf of WAMP in their respective countries. Particular emphasis was to be given to areas that are critical to the growth and management of museums in the region such as Project development, Collection Management, Exhibition design and construction, Museum Education and Outreach, Fund raising, Financial Management and Marketing.

Reports : 2009; 2008; 2007; 200620052004


Next Programmes
  • Informations on Next programmes will be published in our website

Textile Project

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